Sunday, December 5, 2010

Visit to Sevilla

Inside of the Real Alcazar; such beautiful architecture

A view of the Cathedral

In front of the Granada wall in the Plaza de España

Last weekend the entire API group went on our last excursion to Sevilla and I have to admit, the city gives Granada some competition. Although it rained for the entire first full day of our stay, the beautiful weather the following day certainly made up for it. The city is absolutely gorgeous and in certain parts it reminds me of Granada. To me, it has a city feel but not like Barcelona or Madrid but rather must more confined and cozy. We visited the La Catedral on Saturday in the rain and despite the damp cold inside of the building, the amount of talent and time that went into constructing such a place is mind-blowing. It is largest Cathedral in Spain and is the 3rd largest in the world and I definitely understand why now. We climbed to the top of the tower and looked out to rainy Sevilla; the view was fantastic. The next day we toured Los Reales Alcázares, “Royal Alcazars of Seville” which is a royal palace in Seville that was originally a Moorish fort. King Pedro of Castile built over what remained of the palace and the resulting design is an impressive mix of Islamic and Christian influence. After our tour of the interior, we strolled around the gardens and saw beautiful peacocks! I saw over 5 peacocks! Later in the day a group of friends and I went to the Plaza de España which was built for the Spanish- America Exhibition in 1929. The colorful, tiled walls of the Plaza represent different provinces in Spain and my friends and I enjoyed taking pictures in front of every place we have traveled to in Spain and of course we made sure we got a group picture in front of the Granada wall. I would have liked to stay in Sevilla for much longer since the rain on Saturday really hindered our trip; it was so windy and raw so walking around a city we didn’t know in that kind of weather didn't seem like a good idea and we ended up spending a considerable amount of time in the hotel. You can’t control the weather though so I can't complain. I loved the city so much that I can say if I wasn’t studying in Granada I absolutely would be studying in Sevilla!

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